Nutritional Deficiencies


Starting from infancy to the time they hit the puberty, children run a high risk of suffering from all kinds of nutritional deficiencies for eating properly. Here are 10 indications to tell if your children are suffering from nutritional deficiencies.

  • Hyperactivity:

Hyperactivity in children seems like a common phenomenon. But it has been found that hyperactivity in children is associated with poor digestion. While processed food and preservatives are a hindrance to proper digestion, adding food in the diet that are rich in dietary fibre, like wheat, grains and such is a great way to ensure a healthy digestive system.

  • Delayed Speech:


Children who seem to have a more than average reaction time in conversations might be suffering from nutritional deficiencies, also indicated by delayed speech. A high protein diet of meat, fish, and dairy products can be implemented to fix this problem.

  • Chronic Flu and Common Cold:

Children who suffer from recurring cases of common cold and the flu from early on suffer from nutritional deficiencies. A weak immune system resulting from nutritional deficiency is unable to fight these germs and children fall sick more often. A good solution is to have a diet rich in Vitamin C and to eat more green vegetables that have iron and zinc.

  • Teeth Structure:

The Poor structure of teeth is not a difficult thing to come by, but many a times, this too can be the sign of nutritional lacking. Eating food that contains preservatives and other artificial ingredients have been said to cause crowded teeth. However, eating of good fats, well-prepared carbs, and proteins make for well-structured teeth.

  • Cavities:

Studies show that while cavities are caused by sugary food and sweets, it is also true that they are the result of low intake of some required minerals and the fatty vitamins needed to absorb that mineral. Food containing mineral and these vitamins can prevent cavities and lack of nutrition effectively.

  • Dry Skin and Hair:

While having dry skin and/or dry hair might be considered as a feature of a person, it has also been associated with the lack of a healthy diet. Dry hair and rough skin can be caused by lack of vitamins such as A, D, E and K2. Eating food that contains such vitamins, like spinach, almond nuts, and oily fish can get rid of such problems.

  • Poor Cranial Structure:

Much like the poor structure of teeth, a child can also suffer from a poor cranial formation or the “flat-head syndrome”. This happens from before a child is born when the mother lacks proper nutrition, especially that of proteins and good fats. Intake of a good amount of these can prevent such problems.

  • Obesity:

Contrary to popular belief, obesity is actually a cause of undernourishment. When there is a lack of healthy nutrition in your children’s body, the brain senses that. On top of that, if they eat unhealthy junk food, which does not fulfil the nourishment, the brain sends signals that lead to overeating and storing of fat in the body. This, consequently, leads to obesity.

  • Depression:

Many mental problems are the results of malnutrition. People being healthy and happy instead of being anxious or depressed are the result of neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are made from amino acids that are present in fish, meat, and animal fats. A diet including of all that is a sure shot way to keep your children happy and in good health.

  • Mood Swings/Bad Moods:

Research shows that the hormonal imbalance caused by high levels of estrogen effects our moods badly. This can be stabilised by having a carrot daily as carrots help balance high levels of estrogen. And on top of that, good fat such as Omega-3 is also great to even out irritable mood swings. Omega-3 can be found in a lot of fish, coconut oil, and butter.