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Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College , Dhaka, Bangladesh


Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College (formerly known as Bangladesh Rifles College) is one of the largest and most renowned educational institutions in Bangladesh. This prestigious seat of learning is located at the lush green campus of Peelkhana, the Head Quarters of BGB in the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh. This esteemed institution, situated in the lap of nature, not only presents a magnificent look but also provides a secured and placid atmosphere for education.           

On the new year’s day of 1984, the institution started its journey with the name ‘Bangladesh Rifles High School’. Later on, in 1994 the secondary school turned into a collegiate educational centre. With the passage of time, the institution has attained a tangible improvement in the quality of education as well as expansion of volume in respect of both activities and infrastructure. In 2004 the institution was renamed after Munshi Abdur Rouf, one of the seven great heroes (Birshresthas) of Bangladesh who met heroic deaths for the liberty of the country during the liberation war in 1971. It is worth mentioning that Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf was one of the two Birshresthas who had been serving the Border Guard Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan Rifles) at the time of their martyrdom.

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1st DCRC national debate championship- 2013