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Dhaka Residential Model College , Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka Residential Model College is a traditional autonomous residential / non-residential educational institution. Modeled on the famous public schools in England in 1960 in the then Pakistan government workers on 50 acres of land "Residential Model School" was founded. The company was responsible for the management of primary central government of Pakistan. In 1962, the central government handed over the responsibility of the provincial government and school management to form a Board of Directors was granted the status of autonomous institutions happy. In 1967 the federal government took over the school was upgraded to higher secondary level schools. For the recognition of the authority of the company named "Dhaka Residential Model College". After the independence of Bangladesh in 197 ex-officio chairman of the education secretary for the organization of a high-performance management 'board of governors' is formed. This Institution directly under the control of the Ministry of Education in the Government of Bangladesh is currently being conducted by the board of governors.

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Tree Plantation Campaign

Tree Plantation Campaign