Funniest English Idioms!






Donkey's years

A very long time.

I've been doing this job for donkey’s years.

Top banana

leader, boss, the chief person in a group, the head of a project

I don't know when we'll finish,

ask Jack, he's the top banana


Bad apple

Troublemaker, criminal

He's a real bad apple. If I were

you, I wouldn't let my daughter

keep in touch with him.

Puppy love

Temporary infatuation between

young people

I know you think you two will be

together forever, but it's just puppy love. You need to

focus on your schoolwork

To pig out

to eat a lot very quickly

After the marathon, the runners

pigged out at a dinner buffet.

Finger lickin


extremely tasty

My mom makes the best steak!

It's finger lickin’ good!

Big cheese

An important and influential


Do you know Peter? He's a big

cheese at the company, he may help you get a job.

Bob's your uncle

This idiom is a catch phrase used when ’everything is alright’ and means that something will be done, sorted or successful.

You want to go to the market? Go straight on until you reach the main road, take the first right, and Bob's your uncle — you're there!