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Guitar-like instruments have been around for a long time. The oldest picture of a guitar-shaped instrument dates back 3,300 years ago in a stone carving.

All modern forms of the word “guitar” have their roots in the Old Persian language word “tar,” which means “string.” The guitar usually has six strings.

The actual form of the modern guitar may have come from the four-stringed “oud” of the Moors in the 8th century, or possibly the six-stringed lute from Scandinavian Vikings. With stringed instruments of similar form from all over the globe in our human history, it’s no wonder these instruments are still popular today.

Although there are only two categories of guitars, acoustic and electric, there are many types of guitars. All acoustic guitars have a hollow body with curved sides with a round hole towards the centre of the front panel, a long fret board or fingerboard (the neck of the guitar usually made of wood with thin metal bars embedded in it in measured sections), and a headstock with tuning keys. They have either nylon or metal strings that run across the front panel, over the hole, up the fretboard, and around the tuning keys. The tuning keys turn to adjust the tension of the strings to produce the correct notes and chords when they vibrate. Guitars are played with both hands, one on the fretboard held in various positions, and one to strum or pluck the strings. Electric guitars are similar, except the sound from the vibrations of the strings don’t resonate (or echo) inside the hollow body. Instead, they use electric feedback through amplifiers to produce music.

Guitar music is very versatile. It can be used in almost any genre of music such as jazz, flamenco, classical, country, rock, blues, bluegrass, folk, mariachi, reggae, punk, soul, pop, and metal. There is debate as to who should make the list of best guitar players of all time. Jimi Hendrix and Chuck Berry are often mentioned. However, there is no debate about the popularity of the almost limitless instrument known as the guitar.