Roller Skating in Dhaka


Hello to all the parents! How many of you have really thought something for your children as some extra-curricular activity? It’s true that in Dhaka it’s hard to find something fun for children. Finally, our city has started offering us some options of extracurricular activities for children.

Roller Skating is a well-known sport throughout the world. Many of us are familiar with it, but in Bangladesh, it has started spreading very recently. Children can try it in their leisure time to keep themselves busy and physically active.

Key Benefits of Skating:

  • Low-impact exercise for joints
  • Aerobically as good as jogging or cycling
  • Engages all the major muscle groups, particularly the heart
  • Mentally uplifting
  • Makes children physically fit
  • Turns fat into muscle

Where to Skate:

Many skating clubs have been established recently in Bangladesh. They offer their places to skate and they teach how to skate safely specially to the children. Royal Skating Club, Skaters of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Roller Sports Federation offer skating classes and your children will definitely enjoy it.

Where to Buy Skating Shoes:

Skating shoes are available at the Bangabandhu Stadium Market, Bashundhara City, and the Jamuna Future Park. The price range is 1000-10000 Taka. Make sure you buy a whole set of skating gears containing elbow pad, knee-pad, wrist pad and helmet.

Safety Tips:

Don’t let your child skate at streets. Make sure they wear every skating safety gear while skating, otherwise minor accidents can cause severe injuries. It is better to take them to the skating clubs, or you can teach them at home, but never at the streets.