The Little Africa in Bangladesh


Though Bangladesh doesn’t have a huge area of forests, we have some hilly and mangrove forests which are unique in the world. The Sundarban is the biggest mangrove forest and the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Recently, a new safari park has been opened up at Gazipur named The Bangabandhu Safari Park. It is like the Africa in a nutshell and gives the visitors the thrill and smell of adventures.

Zoo is a place where people are free and the animals are confined. On the other hand, the environment is the opposite in a safari park. A safari park is much better than any kind of zoo. You’ll see the animals in their own habitat and if you’re lucky enough, you might get a chance to see them hunting. If you visit a zoo and then a safari park, you’ll see the difference between the sleeping tiger or a lion of the zoo and the mighty tiger or the lion at the safari park in their own environment.

The Bangabandhu Safari Park is in Gazipur, not very far from the Dhaka city. It’ll take 1 to 1.5 hours to reach there. First, you have to go to Gazipur Chourasta. Then go forward along the Mymensingh road and come to Bagher Bazar. The distance between Dhaka and Bagher Bazar, Gazipur is forty kilometres. You have to use rickshaw or CNG as transports to reach at the park. The Bangabandhu Safari Park is three kilometres away from that place.

Entry and visiting cost of Gazipur Safari Park

Entry fee: TK 50/per adult

                   TK 20/per child

Foreign visitors: $5 or same amount of Bangladeshi currency (TK 400)

Food: Inside park (light food available) no outside food allowed

Safari by AC Bus for Adults: 100 Tk

Safari by AC Bus for Children: 50 Tk

(The bus will take you into the Lion and Tigers area. Don't worry you will be safe)

Inside the park, you will see tigers, lions, kangaroos and even dinosaurs, not alive though. All of these animals are sculptures to welcome the visitors to the park. The whole park consists of about 4000 acres of land. At present, 31 local and international species of animals are making their home here.

You can start your visit with “Tiger Restaurant.” It is a big and safe restaurant surrounded with glasses so that you can see the roaring tigers while you sip away at your tea. Can life get any more thrilling in Dhaka?

The keepers of the animals can call the tigers and they respond to him. You’ll feel like watching National Geographic or Animal Planet channel. After that, you can start your journey on a micro bus and visit the kingdom of the lions. You can talk to them if you like. But never try to open the window of the micro bus. If you see a white lion consider yourself very lucky indeed. Be mesmerised by the vain way the lions move.

As the transport takes you deeper into the park, you will see bears, deer, zebras, African wildebeest and more. The elephants are adorable; they will salute you according to the order of their keeper.

You can watch giraffes grazing in the fields. Don’t disturb them and but don’t forget to take some snaps.

Take a walk in the heaven of the birds. Your children will be happy seeing the Macaw birds. If you wish, you can take a snap with the Macaw on your shoulder. But, your ears safe the Macaw can whistle. The Grey parrots are also very beautiful. Another great area of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park is the Fancy Ducks Garden. You will see a lake here. Get on a boat and watch big black and white swans serenely float by you.

And don’t forget to visit the areas of crocodiles, vultures, emus and ostriches. Make a visit to the reptile corner to visit the pythons and other reptiles. Keep an out for the peacocks as well.

Have a small impromptu picnic near any of the two lakes.

After the long, tiring day, you’ll actually feel refreshed rather than tired. And it’ll be a memory to cherish if you can manage the whole place. And the kids would enjoy the whole experience and wouldn’t mind hitting the bed the moment they get home.

Travel Safe!!