Charlie and the Chocolate Factory | Roald Dahl


Charlie Bucket and his entire family are stricken with poverty in their cold little cottage until recently. When luck favours him beyond his wildest imaginations and Willy Wonka – the most amazing chocolatier of the world – invites Charlie to his chocolate factory, in Roald Dahl’s one of the most popular children’s storybook “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

The story begins with a very lively introduction to Charlie’s entire family, consisting of his four feeble to death grandparents and his hard-working parents. An extremely poor but contented family has taught Charlie to be modest, hard-working, patient, and definitely broad-minded about everything in life. When no one is able to have a second helping of the food they have except on Sundays, little Charlie is understanding enough not to go around nagging about the delicious, scrumptious Wonka Chocolates he loves the most of all foods on earth! It was just once in a year, when he could have one of his favourite Wonka Chocolate Bars during his birthday.

However, when Willy Wonka starts a competition of hunting down five golden tickets to get a chance to visit his astoundingly creative and quite mysterious factory, Charlie’s luck finally shines along with four other kids! How does it happen? What are the other kids like? Read the book to know how the story unfolds.

Parents if you read the book trust me you might just start believing your kid to be mere “lively” once you read about the antics of the four kids. There, there, don’t assume they were set free just like that. Mr. Wonka has made just the right plans for all of them in his amazing factory. Through the Chocolate Waterfalls, the Fudge Mountain, and his very special workers, the Oompa – ….. oops!! Oh, I should seriously leave it here for you to read and dig out.

The amount of crazy humour Dahl has loaded up this book with is going to make your child, and even you, laugh your heads off! The memories of reading this story as my English Literature textbook with the entire class back in grade-4, still makes me laugh out. Thanks to our school authorities – they made it way more tranquil and enjoyable for our teacher to teach us better English. Something, I believe, any kid will love to learn in a fun and interesting way, rather than going through some grim and teeth-aching hard story. Hope you will give it a try after all my precious readers. Till then, happy reading!