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The word metaphor comes into the English language from the Latin word metaphoria and from a Greek work metapherin, which means to transfer. In a metaphor, certain properties of one object are transferred to the other, when two objects are used. It is one of the most commonly used figures of speech, which connects two or more things. A metaphor is a word of analogies used between two objects or ideas, which is conveyed by the use of one word in place of the other. To put it in simple words, a metaphor is the comparison of two unlike things. They are used to help us understand the unknown.

When you are comparing two things, using a simile, you use comparing words such as, “like” or “as”, to show the direct comparison, which is not the case with a metaphor. With the use of a metaphor, the image in the reader’s mind becomes stronger, as you say that the person, place, animal or thing is something else and not just like another thing. Hence, metaphors are said to give stronger images than similes. They do not mean, exactly, the way the words are said. We will now see some examples, which will make the use of metaphor clearer to them.

Common Metaphor Examples:

The most commonly used example of metaphor is “the apple of my eye”. I am sure you agree with me, as all mothers always feel and say the same about their children.

  • He has a heart of stone.
  • She has a gait of a peacock.
  • He is the shinning star of our school.
  • She has the heart of a lion.
  • For me, time is money.
  • A blanket of snow covered the streets.
  • Her soft voice was music to Andy’s ears.
  • His silken lies went unheard in the court of law.
  • Her bubbly personality cheered him up.
  • He had a coarse manner of speech, due to which he was not liked among his colleagues.
  • When she saw him in front of her, she froze with fear.
  • The news inflamed her temper and she decided to resign.
  • They were kindling a new romance, when he had to shift to a new town for work.
  • When you’re feeling blue call out to me.
  • You light up my life with your presence.
  • Only shades of grey make up life according to her.
  • A colourful remark was not half bad either.
  • Her deep dark secret was revealed to everyone.
  • An infinite spectrum of possibilities, do exist, but you should explore all of them.
  • He faded off to sleep, while I was still talking to him.
  • My memory is a little cloudy about that incident.
  • United States of America is a shining example of democracy.
  • She got a glowing review this year.
  • I do not like him because he is a shady character.
  • I have been waiting for the sweet smell of success which has now finally reached me.
  • The stench of failure should not depress you.
  • I do not understand how can she tolerate him that man reeks of infidelity!
  • Her home was a prison, I wonder, how does she live there.
  • His monkey mind is always full of new ideas.
  • America is a melting pot for people from all parts of the world.
  • Crocodiles’ teeth are white daggers, so be careful.
  • She could not digest the news when she heard it.
  • Life is a roller coaster which everyone has to go through.