Pride and Prejudice


Author: Jane Austen

Mass Market Paperback: 395 pages

Average Rating:  4.2/5

Suggested Reader Group: Grade 8 onwards



Pride and Prejudice is a very simple story about a young girl named Elizabeth Bennet, who is the second eldest among five other daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. This book tells us the simplest story of the life of an ordinary girl in the most interesting of ways possible.

20 years old Elizabeth Bennet was a girl with many qualities, among which, one was the possession of a gentle beauty worthy of admiration. Although brought up in a somewhat sheltered manner, Elizabeth possessed about herself a sharp wit and intelligence. Pretty and playful Lizzy, as called by her loved ones, had all the qualities but she had one small flaw in her character and that was her habit of judging- she tended to judge people on first impression.

Tall and handsome, Mr. Darcy was quite a wealthy man and was worth millions. Respected and adored by all his loved ones, he was a man with character and intelligence. But his many merits failed to make up for the single fact that Mr. Darcy was a rather unsociable man who preferred to be left alone. Often, this preference of his was mistaken for pride and although Mr. Darcy was considered to be quite a catch, he was reckoned as proud and arrogant by Elizabeth Bennet.

Thus, this is story about the journey of these two souls, who despite of being completely opposites, find a way of suppressing the flaws in their characters for the sake of their love.


One of the most famous novels of all time, Pride and Prejudice surely is a must read. The novel portrays the negotiation of individuals with the demands of society using manners to mask inevitable egoism. In addition, the best feature of the book is that we can relate lucidly with the characters, as the emotions and feelings that they experience are not unlike the ones that we feel while dealing with our friends and families.

I was introduced to the works of Jane Austen through Pride and Prejudice. An English novelist of the late 17th century, Jane Austen soon made her way up to the list of the Most Widely Read Writers in English Literature. Famous for her biting irony, charming wit and exceptionally wonderful plots that are laced with realism, Jane Austen’s was a name that gained high respect among critics and scholars. In a time when romance novels were not in high demand, Jane Austen created works of such fine fiction that not appreciating the excellence of them was not an option.