Trojan Horse


The tale of The Trojan War is one of the most famous war tales ever told. It was a war that lasted for more than 10 years. It was between the fierce Greek army and their enemies, Troy.

The Greek army invaded Troy, and then tried very hard to defeat the Trojans, but the walls of the city of Troy were almost impossible to break through. So the Greeks made a new plan. They built a huge object made of wood and gave it the shape of a horse, The Trojan Horse. They then gave the wooden horse to the Trojans as a gift. They told the Trojans that they didn’t want to fight anymore, so this was a parting gift.

The Trojans believed their story, so they took it into their city. They didn’t realise that they were being tricked, that there were Greek soldiers hiding inside the horse. So thinking that they had won the war, they started celebrating their victory. When night came, and everyone was asleep, the Greek soldiers got out of the wooden horse through a trapdoor and started attacking all the soldiers as well as the people of Troy. In this way, they finally managed to destroy the city of Troy and, therefore, win the war.

So this is the story of The Trojan Horse. By using a small trick, the Greeks were finally able to destroy their enemies.

The term Trojan Horse is now used as a metaphor. It means any object that is used by a person to gain someone else’s trust so that they can then harm that person for their own personal benefit.

There is a computer program called Trojan Horse too. A very harmful program is almost as dangerous as a virus. It is a program that normally looks pretty harmless at first, but after you install them, they start causing problems in your computer. One of the most dangerous form of Trojan horses is a program, which says it is an anti-virus, but it actually ends up introducing more viruses to your computer.