A Journey over a Chessboard World


One cold, snowy night a girl named Alice was playing with her kittens. She was wondering what it would be like on the other side of a mirror's reflection. So she went to see and discovered that she could step through the mirror!

And she went into a strange world!

There she found herself in a sunny garden where flowers could talk! They, on the other hand, believed that Alice was a flower that could move!

Alice met the Red Queen next, who could run at breathtaking speed. The Red Queen proposed to make Alice a queen if she could reach the eighth row of the board in a chess match.
And she revealed that the entire countryside in that strange was laid out in squares, like a giant chessboard!

So the journey began.

Alice started off from the second rank, just like a pawn in a game of chess. Then she boarded a train that jumped over the third row!

On her queer journey, she met even queerer characters. She met the fat twin brothers, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, who recited to Alice a rather long poem. Then she also got to see the Red King, whose singular work seemed to sleep, and who believed that Alice was just someone from his dream. She even met the Humpty Dumpty!

What happened next? Could Alice reach the 8th rank? What happened when she reached the 7th rank and faced the Red Knight? What would happen even if she could reach the last rank?

Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There is a sequel of the tale of Alice, the girl who fell down a rabbit-hole. The theme in the book Alice in Wonderland was based on playing cards, which in this book is drawn on the imagery of chess.
Though not as popular as the prequel, this book is no less entertaining.

Read to find out yourself. Go beyond the regular world and lose yourself with Alice in a magical world behind the mirror.

Happy reading!