A World Lost in Time!


Edward Malone was just an ordinary newspaper reporter. Although he had plans to do something big, that was just because he wanted to impress the girl he loved. But things changed on the fateful day when his editor sent him to interview Professor Challenger. This more-than-somewhat eccentric yet brilliant professor was not much popular among reporters. (He, it was heard, had even attacked at least one of his interviewers!) So, after a brief struggle, the professor told Mr. Malone what he had discovered in a distant place in South Africa.

On his last trip to that continent, the professor had crossed path with something that existed in the myths of the local inhabitants.

The professor told the young reporter about one European named Maple White, who had found out what had made the wild Indians scared of a certain place.

Professor George Edward Challenger had rediscovered, from the directions of Mr. Maple White, a land lost in time – a forgotten and dreaded piece of earth where the most ancient creatures lurked.

Professor Challenger had found dinosaurs!

And he invited Mr. Malone to accompany him on his journey to that isolated corner of South Africa!

So, after adequate preparations, Mr. Malone started off for the destination, along with Professor Challenger, Professor Summerlee and Lord John Roxton.

They reached the border of civilisation safely, but then troubles started.

And within a short while the adventurers were seen standing on the edge of a cliff with no way to come back to safety.

With the plateau filled with those prehistorical predators waiting ahead.

What would they do? Would going deeper into the nest of dinosaurs be worth the risk of finding a way back home? What else would they find there, besides the deadly reptiles?

Among many more, the most important question was, how would they get back? Would they even be able to?

To know that, you will have to read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World – the story of an epic journey into the land of dinosaurs and yet more unknown perils and adventures.

Be assured of this, at least – you will have more than enough goose bumps even if you read this in the middle of summer!

Not kidding.

Have a wonderful time losing yourself in the mysterious Lost World!

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