Annual Science Fair in International Turkish Hope School

International Turkish Hope School

The Annual Science Fair 2016 of International Turkish Hope School’s Junior section was held at its respective campuses, in Uttara and Gulshan. Over 200 students from Grade 1-5 participated in groups to demonstrate their scientific skills through some 150 projects. The projects on display covered a wide array of topics and scientific theories such as experimenting with Sugar Water Density, homemade compasses, kaleidoscope, orange candle, Electromagnetic fields, Making music with water, 3D hologram, Water powered generator, Homopolar motor just to name a few.


The arrangement was an extremely vibrant and energetic one made only better with the presence of parents and guardians to support their wards. The respective Heads of Sections as well as teachers and judges were presented the individual projects by the little scientists by explaining their projects and demonstrating the experiments. To see the experiments in detail, you can visit International Turkish Hope School’s YouTube channel or its Facebook page.


(The writer is a parent of a student of International Turkish Hope School)