Behavior Management Tips for the Classroom


Enjoy our Top 7 collection of terrific behavior management tips and advices.

1 . Don't make any rules for your class that you are not willing to follow through with.

Always be consistent and fair and let your students know that you mean what you say.

2.Never get into a power struggle with your students.

Always listen to both sides with a non-judgmental and non-confrontational attitude.

3.You won't damage your students' psyches by taking the lead and being the boss of your own classroom.

Once you gain the confidence things will go more smoothly, and once you take a firm lead, the students will respect and respond more readily.

4.Have a good balance of discipline and humor with the children.

In order to gain their respect, you need to convey your genuine enjoyment to be with them.

  • Students need to understand that sometimes you need to be tough on them because you care enough to wish they try harder and get better.
  • Also manage to find a way to show you care in some meaningful way.
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5.It's not what you teach, but how you teach it that makes all the difference.

If what you are doing in your classroom is exciting and motivational, classroom discipline problems disappear. Students do not want to get in trouble because they do not want to miss out on what is going on in your room.

6.Children will quiet down when the teacher is quiet and waiting for their attention.

You simply wait for the attention that you deserve before moving on to the next lesson or set of instructions.

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With the student, it can give you clues as to what the real problem is; for the teacher, you need to convey that not only are you listening but you are hearing what the student is saying.