Candy for the Green Little Guy!


If you are a fan of easy and fun games, then this game is an early Christmas present for you. Cut the Rope is a game that does not demand from you anything complicated or strategic. You just literally cut some ropes, with a few swipes, and you win!

The protagonist—that is to say, the main character—of this game is a funny little thing that looks like an adorable green frog. The story of the game says that Om Nom (that is the name of this green fellow), one day, turned up at a door, in a box, with a sign on it that read: 'Feed with candy'.

Now you have to feed him. That is the game.

The technique is simple. The candy is usually suspended by ropes, and Om Nom is seen sitting on the floor. But the candy is out of his reach. What you have to do is to cut the ropes in the proper way so that the candy drops right into his mouth.

The difficulty level goes up as the player advances through the game.

You will notice that there are stars floating in the air, between the hanging candy and Om Nom. You will get more points if the candy touches all the stars before being eaten by Om Nom.

 There are a lot of levels, and there are variations as to how to complete them.

The common one is to get the candy to Om Nom's. And you can get all the three stars while feeding him the candy here.

There is also a variation of this where you have to get only two or one of the stars. If you get more than that, you do not get any additional reward.

One more variation demands that the candy needs to touch certain amounts of fruits before you feed it to him.

You will find a variety of ways to direct the candy to him. Besides the usual ropes, there are elevated lands, balloons, fans, bubbles.

There is also a helper, by the way, to lift Om Nom up and move around.

Oops, forgot to mention the stretched ropes.

Also, there are some surprises that I am leaving for you to discover yourselves!

The game is available for both iOS and Android users.

And the best part is, you can play this marvellously awesome game online here as well!