Common Word Choice Errors


There are some words that we use incorrectly in our daily routines. Maybe we think we know the meaning and usage of the words but it actually is not what we think. Here are some common mistakes we always make:

1) Alternate and Alternative :

Alternate (substitution)- the road was blocked so they took an alternate road to village.

Alternative (choice between 2 things) – Teaching was an alternative that Leila did not consider 

as an occupation .

2) Regardless and irregardless:

Regardless and Irregardless mean the same, while many people consider them to be antonyms.

They both mean ( despite the difficulty)

They will go to work regardless/ irregardless of strike .

3) Because and Reason:

Never use because and reason in the same sentence.

For example, “ why was he late to office today?” answer should be “the reason for his delay was that he missed his bus” NOT “ the reason for his delay is because he missed the bus”.

4) Both and Alike :

Alike is a comparison between two people and stating both just makes the word repetitive.

For example, the brothers look alike.

not Both the brothers look alike.

5) Bunch and group:

Bunch should be used for non countable nouns for examples, “a bunch of grapes”  NOT “A bunch of girls.”

Group is used for countable nouns. “A group of girls” is correct .