Lecture Sheet on Conjunction

Go through this lecture. Downloadable Worksheet on this topic is given below. You can print it for your students to solve. Good Luck!

Conjunctions are words or phrases that join two or more sentences, or words together.

For Example:

  • Sahil and Nihal are cousins.

 The word “and” has joined the other two words (i.e. the names).

  • The man is poor, yet honest.

The word “yet” has joined two possible sentences-

The man is poor. He is honest.

  • She is very hard-working whereas/but her brother is a lazy-bones.

Once again, the words “whereas”/”but” can join two sentences like–

She is very hard-working. Her brother is a lazy- bones.

Just like the above examples, you can elongate two or more short sentences into one with the help of words like – and, but, yet, whereas, because, however, unless, until, as, so, or, etc.

There are also phrases that can be used as conjunctions. These you may learn once you are done with the words.

**Note: Sometimes you will need to remove the pronouns from the second sentences while adding the conjunctions.  When joining words in a sentence with a conjunction, you will need to remove the punctuation marks there – which are mostly commas.