Conjunctions are words or phrases that join two or more sentences, or words together.

For Example:

  • Sahil and Nihal are cousins.

 The word “and” has joined the other two words (i.e. the names).

  • The man is poor, yet honest.

The word “yet” has joined two possible sentences-

The man is poor. He is honest.

  • She is very hard-working whereas/but her brother is a lazy-bones.

Once again, the words “whereas”/”but” can join two sentences like–

She is very hard-working. Her brother is a lazy- bones.

Just like the above examples, you can elongate two or more short sentences into one with the help of words like – and, but, yet, whereas, because, however, unless, until, as, so, or, etc.

There are also phrases that can be used as conjunctions. These you may learn once you are done with the words.

**Note: Sometimes you will need to remove the pronouns from the second sentences while adding the conjunctions.  When joining words in a sentence with a conjunction, you will need to remove the punctuation marks there – which are mostly commas.