Fun with Some Flying Fish


Fish are supposed to stay underwater and swim around and do what they usually do down there.
— Or at least, they were supposed to.

Get ready for the splendid Android game, Fish Out Of Water, where fish spend more time racing over and across the water than they should and usually would!

There was once a fish that used to look at the light coming from above, with wonder. Then, one day, he went up, and discovered a whole new world!
Now, here starts your game with them jumping around over the water.

This is a game where you have to make several fish jump, in and out of water, and help them race. Simply throw your fish and they will go flying and increasing your score.

There are a number of characters (fish) with their unique abilities. Swim and jump and fly and have fun with Olympus, Errol, Finlay, Micro, Rocket and The Brothers and keep breaking records of high scores as you go along the way to be a champion!

Also, while playing, be wary of the game's obstacles. You need to be careful about tsunamis, icebergs and jellyfish. And keep a wary eye on the weather and you can enjoy the game to its fullest!

Just keep collecting the sun-like orbs while your fish is jumping ahead. The BOOST bar on the screen will start filling itself up. Besides this, collect charms to enjoy special advantages!

It may not sound much but there is absolutely zero chance of you being bored playing this game. Needless to mention, you can expect nothing less from the creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride!

Nothing more to say now. Just grab a mobile phone and start having fun with your fishy friends!