Going Nuts!


These furry creatures
Climb and climb making it hard
To see their features

Imagine a nice and sunny day and a picnic box. What more do you need for it to be heaven if you are a squirrel? Why, nothing else! Just sneak in and start your picnic!

Alfredo Prado's little rhyme is what this new game called Nuts! is about. Be a squirrel and just run!

The basic idea is to climb a tree and collect nuts on the way up. The journey is eternal, by the way; which means you can play as long you wish!

Simple game, simple rules.
First, your squirrel Jake starts climbing the tree in a normal pace. As he goes up, he can collect nuts on the way. These nuts are scattered, so you will have to move right and left to collect them. Simply tilting your mobile phone will do the trick.

But beware of branches. There are, obviously, branches on the surface of the tree. You are not to bump into them. While climbing and collecting nuts, be careful to dodge those branches.

There are occasional power-ups on the way, along with the nuts, too. Power-ups can increase your speed tremendously and help you smash through the branches unharmed. This is quite useful while trying to go great distances (for example, while trying to finish certain challenges).

You can also purchase upgrades here. And there are different terrains and challenge zones where you will find different types of fun while playing!

So, then, happy climbing!