Healthy Lunch at School


If you have a school going kid, then you probably know how hard it is to pack your kids’ lunch before school. Kids these days have so many choices that sometimes even they don’t know what they actually want to eat. You have to keep in mind two things before packing lunch for children. Make sure the food is healthy, and your kid loves the food. If the food is not healthy, then it would not help keep your kid energetic. And if your kid doesn’t like the food, then he/she might just throw it away or give it to someone else and you won’t have a clue about that.

Tiffin Box and Water Pot:

Kids always love beautiful and fascinating things. So, if you can decorate the food and make it look yummy, then your kid will definitely give it a try. Make sure you buy a wonderful tiffin-box which contains compartments. They are available at any crockery-stores and won’t cost you more than 300-600 taka. And also buy a colourful water-pot. Remind your kid to drink water every half-an-hour. If they don’t want to drink water, then you can add glucose to it which will make it nutritious and tasty.

Sneak in Vegetables and Fruits:

Every parent knows that kids don’t love vegetables. So it’s not a good idea to add vegetables to school lunch if your kid is not a vegetable lover. You can cut cucumbers and put them in a side of the box. Kids love to eat fast food, but it is not healthy to give them fast foods as lunch every day. However, you can give them a sandwich or pasta twice in a week. Add a boiled egg in tiffin every day and you can be sure that they will eat it as most of the kids love eggs.

Salad is one of the healthiest foods, make a salad with cucumber, carrot, tomato, and add a little mustard or dressing of your kids’ choice. If it is summer, then you will have many choices to make fruit salad and do not forget to do that. Do not give them too juicy fruits like jack fruit, watermelon or papaya as juice might leak and ruin their books in the backpack.

Fruit Juice:

You should definitely make fruit juice (watermelon, papaya, etc.) and add in tiffin as these juices are very healthy.


Sometimes Homemade Unhealthy Food is Allowed:

French fries are really tasty and they are also healthy for kids. Add them to their tiffin so they get their daily carbohydrate intake. Give them homemade burgers as surprise as well. Your kid will love you.

Choose your kids tiffin carefully, and make the lunch in a way that your kid loves to eat.