Igloo with Vellum Paper


Hello parents! We are back again with another unique idea to keep your intelligent and energetic kids busy with a safe but interesting project.

People living in tropical countries always have curiosity about the cold and snowy countries, especially the cold poles, the Eskimos and the igloos. We don’t have the chance to live in igloos or make one. But, still you can satisfy your kids’ curiosity with a little effort in an interesting way. So let’s get started.



To make a mini igloo, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Vellum papers or more commonly known as tracing paper in Bangladesh. (They are available at any bookstores and will not cost you more than 10 taka per sheet.)
  • Balloons
  • Glue
  • A steel bowl
  • A scissor





  • Make paper mache by mixing glue with ¼ cup of water in a bowl.
  • Inflate a balloon and stabilize it in the steel bowl by using tape on its edges.
  • Draw an outline on the balloon to make the doorway.
  • Dip the vellum paper strips in the glue mixture and make sure to completely saturate the paper.
  • Now slide off excess glue and lay the strips on the surface of the balloon.
  • Make sure to keep only one layer in order to quicker the drying time.
  • Wait till the whole thing dries.
  • Slowly deflate the balloon and it will be stuck to the paper mache and create a shape of an igloo. The balloon will be stuck very quickly so do this step carefully.
  • Now cut through the outline of doorway and trim it carefully.

If you want to look it extraordinary, then buy some small battery operated lights from any electrical stores and keep them inside of the igloo to make it look fantastic. The lights will cost you 150-200 Taka. You can be sure that your kids will love it and they’ll be amazed to know that people of some countries actually live in it.