I’ll Be So Naughty That They’ll Send Me Back Home Again


Elizabeth Allen was a girl with laughing blue eyes and dark curls. She was pretty and merry. People liked the way she looked, the way she smiled and her pretty clothes. But she was spoilt. From her childhood, people had loved her too much and spoiled her.

That was how her last governess, Miss Scott, described the child.

And every word she said was true.

Elizabeth was a dear little girl when she wanted to be, but she would never listen to anyone except herself. And even then she did not know what she would do next.

Her mother, obviously, was very worried about her. Governesses had changed, one came after another, but everything was in vain. None of those six had been able to make her any more obedient. She was always busy with her pranks. The last time she even pinned a pair of stockings behind Miss Scott's skirt and laughed as the poor governess searched for them!

Days were passing like this until, one day, her parents had to go away for a year and they decided to send Elizabeth to a boarding school for the time being.

Elizabeth was furious and very unhappy. She did not like the other children and even less liked to stay away from her mother. However, there was no alternative. She simply had to go.

So, after a lot of crying and trying (which failed to convince her parents not to send her away), Elizabeth promised she would be so naughty that the school authorities would send her back immediately!

But at Whyteleafe School things actually was not to go as planned.

What happened? What would happen? Would Elizabeth be able to be as rude as she planned to be? Would she be sent back home? Or, would she have to stay there and stay miserable?

She was impudent, but she said she had a good heart.

Did she, really?

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