Important Security Apps for Smartphones and Tabs


Nowadays, smartphones and tabs have become a part and parcel of our everyday life. From phone numbers to bank account numbers, people store almost every single information that is important to them in  gadgets. The reason behind people depending on these gadgets so much is because of their accessibility and easy-to-find features. However, as Mr. Newton said, every single action has its opposite and equal reaction. These gadgets provide you the most precise confidentiality you need, but they are not totally inaccessible to other people. We all know that hackers hack into people’s computers and steal the necessary information they need to earn money or to cause harm to that person. Mobile phones are not as easy to hack as computers. So the hackers are becoming sneakier, using malicious apps and attacks over WiFi to get access to sensitive information like bank account, credit card details etc. How would you stop them? Well, they are like viruses, and as long as there are viruses, anti-virus software will also be made to protect people from them. Similarly, you just need to install a bunch of security apps to protect your gadget and valuable information. These are the steps you should take to be safe:

1. Protect your gadget from viruses

The internet is full of alluring, but harmful websites which will let viruses access your phone. So, don’t browse any suspicious website to save your phone from viruses. avast! is an excellent anti-virus software to keep your phone virus-free. Once installed, it will scan your phone now and then and alert you whenever your gadget is in danger.

2. Be secured from WiFi attacks

Public WiFi could be a good way for hackers to send their malware items into your phones and hack it. So, shouldn’t you stay a little alert about using Wi-Fi? The HotSpot Shield VPN will secure your phone from these kinds of malicious attacks and will keep your information safe.

3. Always keep a backup plan

Now, imagine that you have all the needful security apps installed, no hacker can hack into your phone, but how about they don’t hack, but just take the whole phone? Yes, you may lose your phone, or it just can get stolen, especially in Bangladesh. What to do then? And that’s why you need to have a backup plan so that losing your phone doesn’t make you vulnerable. Lookout, Find My iPhone, Android Device Manager will not only help you just to backup data, but also to track your phone wherever it is.
















So, install these essential apps, and keep your gadgets and your valuable information safe.