International Participation of Mangrove School


Every year British council arranges a leadership conference known as “Schools Now!”  where teachers from around the world come to share their views and concerns regarding the development of education. This year the conference was held in Adu Dhabi, UAE. It was a great pleasure that from Bangladesh the vice principal of Mangrove School, Sheba Tasnim Huq was honored with invitation to join the conference. In a close interview with, she shared her experiences.

Champs21: Hello ma’am, how are you?

Sheba Tasnim Huq: I am fine. How are you and how is your all the initiatives going?

Champs21: All is very well ma’am. I recently heard you were in abu dhabi?

Sheba Tasnim Huq: Yes. I was in a conference arranged by British Council. Its name is “School Now!” Teachers and educational leaders from different country joined in this conference.

Champs21: That’s nice madam. When was the conference and where exactly? 

Sheba Tasnim Huq: It was two days conference, took place on the 1st and 2nd March, 2016. After the registration the program was inaugurated by Marc Jessel, the Country Director of British Council, UAE. The conference took place in British Council auditorium of Dubai.

Champs21: So what was the main discussion of the conference?

Sheba Tasnim Huq: The 2 daylong conferences was divided into few sessions like Plenary 1 to 6 which were consists of speech discussions, video presentation and question & answer sessions followed by the Gallery Walks in two phases. All these sessions were about the improvement of education in different countries at different levels and how often the pupils can take the advantage of the advanced technologies. How does the sector ensure that we equip them fully, with skills for a future world we do not know yet? There is now wide recognition that for a school to be successful, the traditional head teacher/ teacher/ student hierarchy needs to be revisited and challenged; leadership should be decentralized. These were the gist points which were discussed there.

Champs21: That seems a long agenda ma’am. Must be pretty interesting seminar this was.

Sheba Tasnim Huq: Yes, It was really interesting(laughs). 

Champs21: So how was your overall experience? 

Sheba Tasnim Huq: I will never forget my lovely experiences in this event with some gorgeous personalities with whom we exchanged and share our views and ideas. I was feeling so proud to represent Bangladesh in such an International level

Champs21: We are also proud of you ma’am. Thank you very much for your time.

Sheba Tasnim Huq: Thanks go to you people. Hoping to hear from you soon.