Just Hanging — From a Rope!


Ever dreamt of becoming Spider-Man?!

Why, yes! Who has not?

That, possibly, you cannot become, until science advances a bit further, but you sure can start "hanging around" from ropes in this Android game called Rope Escape!

The storyline says that you are, for some reason, fleeing from a shrine in the jungle holding a golden idol or statuette. The inhabitants of the jungle give you chase and, instead of leaving the figurine, you go deeper into the jungle dangling from rope to rope.

Your game starts from here.

Though, the beginning of the game shows a human sitting on a catapult. The moment you tap on the screen, the character is hurled into the air and the game starts.

You, in this game, mainly need to cast ropes from your hand (where those ropes come from I do not have the slightest idea, but this is the Spider-Man part, right?!) and swing from tree to tree.

Along your way, there are gold coins, collecting which will boost your score.

Not only trees – you will find a number of airships floating all the time, to which you can stick your ropes to swing ahead. After short but regular intervals, you will notice boulders being thrown into the air. You can get leverage by sticking your ropes to them and hurl yourself farther forward.

If you go high enough, you will even see UFOs!
And, of course, you can stick your ropes, even to them!

Beware of the zeppelins (airships) that contain TNT, by the way. TNT, or trinitrotoluene is a powerful explosive. So, the moment your rope touches one of the red zeppelins, you will vehemently be thrust away the opposite way.

Different power-ups appear all along the way, which have unique and surprisingly interesting features. The most common one, which is a magnet, helps you by attracting coins – Coins will then come after you! There are also some elastic-like ropes that will fling you with much speed, and various jet packs that will carry you long distances, and many more!

Beware of one thing while playing though: do not fall down. If you fall, it is game-over for you.
— Unless, of course, you have bought "bounce" power-ups earlier, each of which will save you one fall.

Oh, and you can buy ropes and jet packs and all the other power-ups from the store by spending enough coins.

Plus, you can play this game in another location: the Alien Planet.

And last but not the least, you can buy characters with coins, too. There is a surprise waiting there for you, because, among many characters there is Santa Claus, an ape, a squid, and a banana!

Seems interesting? One last thing before you run for your smartphone to play – There is a sequel of this game, called Rope Escape: Atlantis. And, yes, the location of that one really is the famed Atlantis!

So, what else are you waiting for? Just go get the game and start being your own version of Spider-Man!

Happy hanging!