Make the Most of a Short Trip Abroad


When we plan a trip abroad for vacation, we look forward to it more than anything else. The prospect of going somewhere different, learning about a new culture, visiting famous places, and trying out that country’s cuisines triggers a rush of adrenaline in us. However, often we have to keep our trip short. When we do not get the luxury of going on a long vacation to a new country, we end up disappointed and many people return from such vacations being crestfallen at the premature end of the trip and claim that the trip wasn’t fruitful enough and a lot was missed out on.

Short trips does not necessarily mean that you cannot have fun and enjoy. A brief 5-7 day trip can also bring immense joy, entertainment, and pleasure to you if you plan it out the right way.

Here are a few ways in which you can make a short trip worthwhile:

Plan the trip out before you are scheduled to fly:
Planning a trip before you, travel is very important. You should do all your research and make a checklist of what to do, what places you want to visit, what restaurants you want to try out, etc. This gives you an edge before you travel and helps you avoid confusion and saves time when you are there. You can just simply go there, implement your plan, and enjoy.

Make sure you stay out all day long:
Leave the hotel at 6 in the morning and don’t return before midnight. I know this sounds tiring but sometimes you have to put in the effort to acquire fruitful results. Leave early in the morning and wear yourself out. Visit all the places you plan to, try different restaurants, and join fun tourist activities. Make sure you end the day being extremely exhausted but satisfied at the same time.

Don’t waste your appetite on hotel food:
I know this sound strange as hotel food is not bad at all and mostly comes with the package, but yet, you would not want to miss out on the famous cuisines of that country and the joy of eating outside would you? Here is how you could plan your meal times: Have breakfast at Subway, lunch at McDonald’s and dinner at a popular restaurant where you can get the cultural aspect of the country through food (If you visit Thailand, try Thai food). And also try out street food and carts in between meal times. Of course, your meal plans may have variations; this was just an idea of how you could plan your meal times.

Travel inside the country at night:
If you plan to visit different cities of that country, make sure you schedule your journeys at night, as this will not eat up valuable time out of your trip. You can simply sleep through the journey and wake up to a new day of adventures.

Travel with friends or family:
Travelling alone is not fun and we all know that. It can be difficult for you to be isolated in an unusual place without having anyone with you and engaging in various activities will not be as enjoyable alone as it would be with friends or family. Hence, make plans with friends and family if you are interested in going on a trip abroad and have an amusing time with them on your vacation.

The next instalment will be on how to manage activities for children while travelling. So keep your eyes glued to for our next travel articles.