Mr. Majeika


Have you ever heard or seen any of your school teachers arrive on a magic-carpet?! I guess not. That is supposed to be the most impossible thing on earth, right? Well, a lot of impossible stuff turns out to be quite easily probable when you are with Class – 3 of St. Barty’s Primary School and their magnificent teacher, in Humphrey Carpenter’s series book – “Mr. Majeika”.

The story begins on a pouring Monday morning at the school, when Mr. Majeika – Class 3’s new teacher – glides through a window of the classroom and leaves everyone stunned. He beautifully manages to befuddle Mr. Potter – the old head teacher. However, the little broods of Class 3 could not be less suspicious about their new teacher. At least, not after he transformed a mess of eggs and bacon flan into some steaming chips. Simply by pointing at the plate and saying “Chips!”! It was then, that he admitted it before Class – 3 that he was a magician. Then again, he also made them promise to keep it a secret and not force him to do magic, as he did not wish to use magic in his new profession. Students of Class – 3 promised to do so, but little did they know that it would be impossible for them to keep such a promise. Especially, when Hamish Bigmore, the brat of the class, was always around.

The amazing events that follow will be revealed as you go on reading the story. Something, I can bet you will love to do. The book is written in a very easy, yet interesting, language. Hence, the popularity among younger kids. Also, if you are looking for a thin-sized book with an interesting story, this one can be a very worthy choice. I had huge fun with my mates back in grade-4 while reading this book. Hope it works for you too. Till then, happy reading!