Technology Awareness: Steve Jobs didn’t permit his children to use iPads


We are always curious. That curiosity becomes a boom when we hear about famous people. The master of innovation is well known to everyone who loves to be smart. He changed the perception of apple in human mind from fruit to electronic gadget. We were symbolizing Steve Jobs with a few words. This guy does not need any introduction, description and conclusion. His biography is an open book. Today, we are going to share some off topic things about him, but they are amusing.

When he passed away in 2011, Steve Jobs left two teenage girls and a son. This kids grew up seeing a digital revolutionist and perfectionist as their father and the one who co-founded one of the popular tech company. Jobs changed every ways of listening to music, watching movies and communications. Actually, he transformed our way of life.

You must be thinking what would our life be if I were a child of the co-founder of Apple ! My rooms would have be filled with iPods, iPads and iPhones !Oops ! It did not happen with Jobs’s own kids.

According to Getty, Steve Jobs wanted everyone to have iPads, except his own children.

In a question by Nick Bilton, reporter of Sunday New York Times, Jobs told that his children never used iPad, because they limit how much technology the children use at home!

The Times published an article regarding the growing trend among setting a limit to children’s technology use. This survey was done in California Silicon Valley. Many people who are pioneers of social media platforms, games and gadgets does not allow their own children to waste a day playing Candycrush or Minecraft.

Chris Anderson, chief executive of 3D Robotics is the father of five children. He told that his wife and kids accuse him about the limitation on technology at home. Anderson said that we have seen the firsthand dangers of technology. That is why he does not want to let it happen to his kids.

Alan Eagle, executive communications officer at Google has child who reads in class three in a school. That child told The Times that she does not even know how to use Google !!

If you explore, this kinds of examples will be thousand in numbers. Actually their main theme is technology interferes the natural movement and creativity.

So, did you get surprised by any of this? It is seen that the Apple boss is a low-tech parent. He knows how addictive the little phones are. It needs unconvincing discipline to use them which most teenagers do not have.


iPad:  It is a line of tablet computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc., which runs Apple's iOS.
Steve Jobs: He an American entrepreneur, marketer, and inventor, who was the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc.