The iPhone 6 Plus’ fatal flaw


Would you want to buy a phone that ends up bending, permanently after a few days in your slightly skin tight jeans? That’s exactly the predicament many new buyers of the iPhone 6 Plus has been facing recently. Apparently the phone, which you may spend a big chunk of your hard earned money, or parents’ money over, has a massive flaw: It’s easily malleable. That premium finish that the guys over at Cupertino so highly hype seems to be not as premium or durable.

After the many complaints, the guys over from YouTube channel Unbox Therapy decided to test the iPhone 6 Plus and see just how much effort it took to bend the phone and unfortunately, as reports had been claiming, the phone did bend when applied a decent amount of pressure. As you may know, the iPhone 6 Plus is made out of aluminium, and is Apple’s largest smartphone ever, measuring 6.22 x 3.06 x 0.28 inches (158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm). It’s also Apple’s heaviest iPhone: 6.07 ounces (172 grams).

Luckily, the internals worked just fine which happens to contain Apple’s latest A8 processor and a 5.5 inch 1080p display and along with iOS 8, proves to be a formidable combination. But you might want to handle the iPhone 6 Plus with more care if you want to carry it in your skin tight jeans. Apple has yet to comment on the issue on what is already being called “BendGate”. Unbox Therapy did later try the same bend test with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a phone that has very similar dimensions as the 6 Plus, but the plastic exterior of the Note 3 proved a much tougher opposition, not bending at all.


This is not the first time we have seen an Apple device have issues with build quality. The iPhone 4 had a very weak antennae for with calls and Wi Fi signal would be lost if the phone was gripped tightly. The iPhone 5 had an issue with the aluminium plate easily getting scratched and colours wearing off, even when kept inside a case. LG has already decided to poke fun of Apples device by showcasing its bendable phone, the LG Flex on twitter.

Now the onus is on Apple to deliver on their promise, and give the customers a product worth the price.