Two Four Eight…. 2048!


We all know the basics of math — addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. And among these, clearly, addition is the one that is the easiest and the most fun! 2048 is an iOS and Android game that is based on simple addition.

What you have to do in this game is, mainly, to add numbers to form higher numbers, and add them again to form higher ones still. And that is it.

There are instructions at the beginning.

2048 game starts with a board with sixteen cells. Numbers (only twos and fours) occupies some of them. This game is a kind of sliding game. The numbers are in the form of tiles. All you have to do is to slide two tiles in the right way so that they can merge into a bigger number tile.

A number appears after each slide. So, even if one number has been formed from two smaller ones, the place is filled right away. And if you succeed to make more than one higher number, you get some empty cells (which makes it easier for you to slide other tiles).

But, of course, if you cannot make any higher number, you are short of one cell.

At the beginning of the game, the player's first task is to make fours from the twos. This can be done by sliding a two ('2') tile into another two ('2') tile, or vice versa. OR make eights from the fours. This can be done by sliding a four ('4') tile into another four (‘4') tile.

Thus, after the first '8' of the game is formed, '8's will start to appear. Then these '8's are to be merged in order to make '16's. And two '16's, likewise, will make a '32'. The game goes on that way.

The game ends when there is no more chance to merge any tile.

A message will show up saying you are out of moves.

This is a very easy game, as well as being positively addictive and highly enjoyable.

So, here it is, a game that not only retains your attention well but also makes you forget everything.

Trust me, this is an epic game alright!

The game is available in both Android and iOS.