8 foods Which help Brain Development


Kids love running around all day. That’s why they need nutritious food for physical development. Calcium and minerals are a must for muscle and bone structure. But mental growth is also necessary along with physical development. If you got to a school, you will find that some children are very much studious and some are entirely not. Actually brain functionality differs from child to child. So, for proper Brain development children need some specific foods.

1.  Egg: 

Eggs are great for your body. They also help your brain to develop. Proteins, Omega-3 and Zinc in eggs work as an antioxidant and prevent harmful matters from affecting your brain. Boiled, half boiled, poached or omelette, no matter how you cook eggs, they will benefit your brain.

2. Spinach:

Spinach (Indian Spinach) is highly nutritious and it has abundant vitamins which benefit’s your brain. Spinach is needed for both proper physical and mental development.


3. Water: 

Water is not necessarily a food, but it’s very important for physical and mental development in children. If there’s a lack of water in your body, it will hinder your brain functioning.

4. Grains:

Food grains such as rice, wheat, corn etc. have vitamin B12. This vitamin is necessary for brain development. Nutrition from these grains helps both physical and mental wellbeing.


5. Berries: 

Fruits are beneficial for proper brain development. Among these fruits, some berries like- blackberries, strawberries help your brain grow. Berries help to build your memory.


6. Nuts and Seeds:

Nuts and seeds have great amounts of Vitamin E and Omega 3. These can be eaten as snacks and are helpful for brain development.


7. Oatmeal: 

Even though oatmeals are not produced in our country, they are easily found at super shops due to wide range import. These are rich in carbohydrates which slowly secrete glucose and help your brain function better.

8. Fish:

Fishes are most nutritious among all brain developing foods. Especially small fishes contain lots of Vitamin A, which helps your vision and Proteins and Omega 3 in these fishes enhance both your mental and physical functionality.