A Stick-y Situation!


Get ready to be amazed at yet another fantastic game that has become the favourite of millions of people around the globe immediately after its release!

Stick Hero is the name of the game.

Here, you are to play as a tiny shadowy character that goes on from the top of one column to the top of another. And for that you need sticks.

Not clear enough?

Alright, here you are, a tiny "hero". You are standing on a pillar. Now you need to reach the next one. However, there is nothing connecting them, so you cannot simply walk over there. What you have to do now is to set a stick of proper length between them. Only then you can reach the next column.

To set the stick up, you need to press the screen of your smartphone and hold it. The longer you keep your hold, the longer the stick will become. When it seems like the stick is of the right length, to reach the next pillar, release.

The stick will fall and make a bridge between the two pillars.

You can now easily advance.

Remember one thing – the stick needs to be of the appropriate length. If it is too short, the hero will fall before he reaches the pillar ahead.
Again, if you delay in releasing your hold and the stick turns out to be too long, he will just pass the pillar and then fall!

Actually, this game seems like a bit of an ordeal sometimes. Guessing the right length is tough. And when you are guessing and the length is increasing at the same time, it is just too easy to miscalculate. So, the game can become frustrating very easily.

Probably to make up for that, there has been a new addition in the game. Now there is a Slash Watermelon mode, in which you have to pop watermelons with a stick that grows almost the same way. But the plus point is, this growth is slower, so you have a better chance in it than the original game.

There are, of course, different characters – you are not expected to play with the same small hero for an indefinite period of time. But you need to unlock them first. And for that you need to collect cherries scattered in your way.

One thing about this game is very interesting – and that is just how annoying this game can be. Feel free to check – you just cannot play it without considering even for once throwing away your phone! There will be lots of times when you fall before scoring even 2 points! But once you get the hang of it, you will see how fun it is to make high scores and show off to your friends!

After all, what is a game if it is not even a little challenging, right?

Happy gaming, everyone!