Apps on World Cup Cricket 2015


In this modern era of technology, we have everything imaginable right in our hand. I am talking about all the cools apps we have on our phones. World Cup Cricket 2015 is going on and many apps have been developed surrounding this occasion. Bangladesh is a country where cricket is given the much more importance than any other sports and the people are die-hard fans of cricket.

So, for these fans a lot of apps have been developed to keep in touch with the ongoing Cricket World Cup without any hassle. All of these apps are available in Google Play store.

1. Cricket Bangladesh

Developed by Dream 71, a renowned app developer, they have also created famous apps like Monkey vs. Banana, Football Jam and Neon Finger. The Cricket Bangladesh app is the first ever cricket app made with the profile of Bangladesh cricket team. It offers features like live scorecards, live news and short updates of current matches. It also has the feature to check the performance of each player of Bangladesh.

2. My Cricket Team

It’s actually an interesting app developed by Bengal Technologies Bangladesh Ltd. This app offers the feature to create a team of the user’s choice. The user can form his own team with the players of his own choice who are attending the cricket World Cup from any country. Then this app will collect the players’ performances throughout the world.

3. BD Smart Cricket

Developed by BD Smart App, offers the feature to be updated with the live scorecard and player performances throughout the World Cup.

4. ICC World Cup 2015 Live by CIT

This app is developed by Creative IT Limited. Like all other cricket apps, it also contains the feature to get live scorecard and history. Other than these, this app will notify you when a match starts so that you don’t miss a single one you were looking forward to.

5. Shakib Al Hasan

Developed by Creative Solutions Ltd, this app is for the fans of Bangladeshi all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan. It contains his basic info, live performance, and access to his Facebook page. It also has the feature to get in touch with the all-rounder’s latest pictures.

6. Follow Tigers

This app is developed by Smart Droid, it contains the features to follow Bangladesh Cricket Team with their live scores and performances. The app sends notifications about all their matches and tours.

7. ক্রিকেট বিশ্বকাপ ২০১৫ সময়সূচী

It’s the only Bangla app on World Cup Cricket 2015 developed by Mumus Apps. It has features like live clock, countdown to the matches, and the fixtures and scorecards of the World Cup.

So download the apps of your choice and stay updated with the news on your favourite teams.