Better manage your time as a Teacher


Teachers don’t just have to take classes. The daily workload can sometimes overwhelm them. Here are some ways to make life easier.

1.Multitask when students are doing independent work

When students are doing independent work, try to multitask:

  • file papers
  • check copies
  • create lesson plans etc.

It would depend on the age of your students.

2.Only grade the minimum amount of student work

Try to grade the minimum amount of student work. This does not mean that you do not have to check for understanding and provide feedback, but if you spend a lot of time grading and writing feedback on everything students do, it would take you forever. Come up with the following solutions whenever possible:

  • Have a schedule in which students take turn in their notebooks so it’s only a fixed number of students a day
  • Do a lot of grading in 1-1 conferences. While the students are completing independent work, call a student up to your desk, read their work and give them a grade. It also means they get immediate feedback
  • Make students check each other’s copies (in case of spelling, filling the blanks, short math exercises, in short anywhere where the answer is simple and you can write it on the board)

3.Set aside time 1-2 days per week to stay a little later

Plan and get to work! The work you take home over the weekend and takes up hours can be done by staying a little longer.

  • Plan your week
  • Create lesson plans
  • Check copies

4.Set a weekday work schedule

Allocate set times to certain tasks, that way you will have a more productive day. Allocate times for before and after school for particular jobs.

  • For example, allocate the first 30 minutes after the school day finishes, to ensure that you have everything set up and ready to go for the next day.

To-do lists are very essential. Make a to do lists every day, even including things you need to do at home. Then prioritize so if everything isn’t done, the most important get done.