Champs21-logo, the pioneer eLearning program of Bangladesh, has been dedicatedly and very humbly working with the aim to better prepare our students as the Champions of 21st Century. Since inception, our initiatives of Digital Content Development for school going children and organising popular TV shows such as “Spelling Bee” and “Bangladesh First” have been overwhelmingly appreciated and accepted. This has inspired us to come up with this new look and features of our portal and to expand the horizon of our services. The portal now offers various Education and Non-education contents on daily basis for every family that has a school going student.

Resource Centre is the most important section where you’ll find Education contents not only for students but also teaching and learning resources for teachers and parents on various subjects. The Education contents are developed by a pool of professional of teachers of Please feel free and apply if you want to join us as a teacher. Education resources uploaded by others are carefully checked and modified before it is uploaded for our respected users. Please Candle now if you want to share any resources with our schools community.

Our Non-Education Contents are designed and developed keeping below interests in mind.

1.News that students love most such as Sports, Technology and Entertainment.

2.Stories and articles to help next generation on developing ethics and values.

3.Research based articles on Good Parenting.

4.Contents to assist parents in the area of well-being of children i.e. Health, Nutrition, Extra-curricular activities etc.

Like you, we also strongly believe, children’s Education is the most important area for every parent to invest in terms of time, effort and money.

To smoothen your journey with the portal, we’ve designed below features, which, I sincerely believe, will help every user in many ways.

allows you to save the articles and create your own library of resources. You can save your favourite articles and read them again and again later at your convenience.

Candle allows you to contribute to students, parents and teachers community. us your article and spread the light.

Schools section offers an extensive database of schools in the country. This makes your life simpler to collect information about any particular school. If you’re a teacher, create your School now if not already there. The dynamic school section also creates opportunity for you to join as student, teacher, parent or as alumni. 

Register Now now and use Preference Settings to get only your favourite contents feeding on your home page.

You’re very important to us. So is every other students, teachers and parents of our beloved country. If you like our resources, please do spread this message among your near and dear ones, also make us honoured by sharing your ideas, views and suggestions. 

Thank you once again for your time and patience.

Russell T. Ahmed
Founder of