Do You Know What Games To Arrange In Your Kid’s Party?


Kids’ parties must have a lot of fun activities to keep the children busy and entertained. That’s why fun indoor and outdoor games are included in children’s parties. This allows them to have fun while burning off all their energy.

The following activities are very popular in children’s parties:

Tug of war

It’s an outdoor team game, where both teams pull a long rope over a small pool of water. The teams stand on each side of the water, facing each other. The players of each team stand in a line and together pull the rope. The team that drops into the water loses the game.

Relay race

Relay race is another outdoor game. It is a team game too. The runners run carrying an object in their hand. The object can be a spoon or an egg or any other object as one wishes. 1 runner from each team runs the whole lap and then passes the object to his teammate when he returns to the starting line.  And this goes on until all the members of that team (usually 4) takes a lap. The team that can finish the race first wins.



This is a very popular game and can be played both indoors and outdoors. As the game goes, all the players hide themselves wherever they can, while one player goes around trying to find them out.










Indoor basketball


This is a very fun game and everyone loves it. Just attach a basket to the wall and let the kids shoot a ball at it. You can come up with a scoring of your liking if you have a competitive bunch of kids in your hand.










Hula Hoop It Up

A hula hoop is a round ring-shaped object. Hula-hoop It Up is played by fitting the hula hoop around the waist and then moving it using the waist only. The player who drops the hula hoop to the floor loses.

Tag games

Tag games like the Blind Man’s Buff and Freeze Tag are very popular in kids’ parties. You can find the descriptions of these games here.