Guess the Longest Word


It would be a lie if one said that Flash games are averagely popular these days.
It would be a severe understatement!
Flash games of numerous types have gained huge popularity among computer users from all over the world. These games have taken PC games to a whole different level. Flash games still hold a reputation in gaming sector that is in no way negligible.

There are just so many kinds of Flash games out there. From fighting to learning, there is no genre left in which at least one Flash game has not been developed. These games are so popular mainly because of their lack of complexity — and, of course, they are interesting, too.

An educative one among them is played with letters. Let us have a look how it is played.

The main idea of this game is based on making words using letters that are touching.


Of course, there are certain rules to be maintained.

The first thing to make words is to click on the letters in the right order.
For example, in order to make ‘cat’, you will have to click on ‘C’, ‘A’ and ‘T’ successively — here, the ‘C’ will have to touch the ‘A’ and the ‘A’ will have to touch both the ‘C’ and the ‘T’. It does not matter whether the ‘C’ touches the ‘T’ or not.

You will need to form a number of words in each level — you will be shown how much in which level. And you will also be given a certain amount of time to make them. If you fail to make the desired number of words in that time limit, you will have to play again.

Each letter you click on will turn light red. If a word is formed, in the sequence you clicked on the letters, all of them will turn light green. Then, clicking on the last letter again will give you some points. These points correspond to the small numbers written under each letter. After you have gotten your points for a word, random letters will replace the ones that were used to form that word.

The minimum number of letters is 3. Two letters, even if they form a correct word, will not give you any point.

As you make more and more words, the tiny numbers under the letters increase; so does your score. The points you get after making a word is the sum of the numbers written under the letters of that word.

After your time is up, if you have reached (or surpassed) the number of words that was mentioned, you will proceed to the next level. Regretfully, there are only 8 levels, so the fun is over rather quickly.

(After all eight levels are finished, a suggestion comes up, stating that you can become a Power Player to unlock 100 levels, but I have to admit I have never ventured that far. You might try if you liked this game.)

And if you are having a hard time, there is also a ‘shuffler’ button that lets you have the letters rearranged in another—and, of course, random—way, so you might get a better chance.

And… that is all.

So, then, just collect or download the game and enjoy.
Have a great time!

To play the game follow the link: