Honesty Is the Best Policy

The Honest Woodcutter

Story Name: The Honest Woodcutter

Once there lived a poor woodcutter. He used to cut trees in the forested areas. One day he was cutting wood on the bank of a river. He was cutting woods throughout the day, thus he was thirsty. While he was drinking water from the river, accidentally his axe tumbled down into the river. The river was profound, so he couldn’t take his axe out. He sat on the bank and started to sob. All of a sudden, the water developed arms and a head, and it began to converse with him! “I am the fairy of this river. Why are you crying so?”

After the woodcutter let her know what had happened, the fairy said, “Don’t stress. I can help you. I’ll go down to the bottom of the river to find your axe.”

In a moment, the fairy was gone, and the river started to twirl and froth. After a couple of minutes, the fairy showed up once more. This time, she grinned and held something in her watery hands. “Is this your axe?” she asked the woodcutter. “I discovered it in the stones.”

The woodcutter took a gander at the axe, whoever claimed it was rich for sure. The axe was made of pure silver! But, the woodcutter said, “I can’t take this axe. It is not mine.”

The water fairy was shocked. She hurled the silver axe on the ground and said, “Extremely well, I’ll search for your axe once more.”

By and by the fairy left to search for the woodcutter’s axe at the bottom of the river. At the point when the fairy returned after a couple of minutes, she held an axe that was more brilliant than the first. “This must be yours,” said the fairy. This axe was made of pure gold.  Be that as it may, the woodcutter gave the axe back to the fairy. “This is a fine axe, and you are so kind to offer it to me,” he clarified. “Yet, this axe is not mine, so I cannot take it.”

The water fairy grinned and said, “Well, I see that you will take just your own axe. Give me a chance to search for it yet again.”

For a third time, the water fairy left to search for the woodcutter’s axe. At the point when the fairy returned, she held another axe. The woodcutter grinned and said, “Ah yes! This is my axe.”

The water fairy smiled and said, “Your axe is not worth much, but rather your honesty is. The silver and gold axes are mine. I want you to take them as a present.”

The water fairy gave the woodcutter all of the axes.

The woodcutter expressed gratitude toward the water fairy for the wonderful axes.

Moral of The Story:

Whatever the situation may be, always be honest. There is always a special present waiting for the people who are honest. Because, honesty is the best policy, and dishonest people will certainly suffer in the long run.