Ma! Baba! I Am Depressed!


As children step into their teenage years, they find themselves dealing with things with which they never had to deal with before. New situations arise, new feelings unfold and children have no clue whatsoever as to how to deal with these. The children find themselves in a completely new territory where, they have no idea about how to handle their own feelings. They feel emotions that they never felt before, they find themselves getting drawn to new and forbidden things.

As it is very normal for a human being to fear the unknown, these kids get scared and frustrated of their own feelings. This brings about many sudden changes in the children. In some kids, these changes in character while growing up might be subtle but in most, it is quite drastic and noticeable. The children become moody, shows defiance, and more often than not, is rude to their parents. The emotions keep on building inside the children if they do not find a proper way to let it all out, which is a regular occurrence. Ultimately, these pent-up emotions lead to the children being sad and upset all the time, which can lead to depression.

But, if given a little support and guidance, growing up can actually be a lot of fun. If the children have their parents guiding them throughout their teenage years, they might not feel all that confused about all the new changes that take place in them. If the children would only keep their shyness aside and go up to their parents to talk about everything that is going on in their life, the parents would know exactly what to do to make things easier for them.

Going up to your parents and talking about such personal issues is not really easy, but once you get it all out,  the advices and help received is totally priceless and worth the awkward moments. The only way to make this conversation easy is to pick a good time when your parents are not already stressed over something else and to maintain your calm at all times. The only way to make it a mature conversation is if you stay calm and composed throughout the entire conversation.

If you can create a clear picture of what you are feeling in front of your parents, you would be amazed to see how experienced they are in dealing with these emotions and how effectively and simply they would give you the best advices and do things that would make you feel better. They would understand exactly what you need and do exactly that for you. They will sit with you for hours, just talking about random stuff and you would feel better than you had in days! They always seem to know what to do. The perks of being a parent, I guess!

However, being depressed will also cause many problems in your life. You might be getting poor grades every time, you might not be getting along that well with your friends and family, you might prefer to always be alone  and you might have a feeling that you are simply drifting through life without having any actual purpose. In short, feeling that your life is horrible and you are worthless is a typical emotion that you will have to fight with when you are suffering from depression and this is the time when talking to parents comes in. They always know what to do, remember?

On top of giving some good pieces of advice, parents will also help you deal with these problems. They will start spending more time with you, show you that you are good at what you do by appreciating your work, make you feel that you are loved, gently but firmly guide you to the right path and most importantly, always provide you with a shoulder to cry on when you need one. They will listen to your problems without complaining and you can always rely on them to if not totally fix, but at least make your predicaments worth bearing.

Yes, growing up means that you have to learn to deal with many new situations and have to tackle a lot of new problems, but with your parents by your side, nothing seems difficult. Because, parents always seem to know the right thing to say and to do. They always know what you need and never fail to provide you with the comfort that you require. They gently guide you in the right paths and always make you feel loved and cherished. They have a wealth of experience, which they always share with you and easily teach you things that they had to learn the hard way. Therefore, once you get rid of any obstacle that might come between you and your parents, life becomes a lot easier and a lot more beautiful.