Raze Buildings in Ancient Egypt!


If you ever played DX-Ball, you will just love this game called Egyptian Ball. You can say it is kind of DX-Ball in 3D. And also the blocks here are much more interesting to look at and destroy too!

For those who had not played DX-Ball, it is a game where you need to hit bricks or blocks with a ball and demolish them.

As said, Egyptian Ball is like the 3D version of it. Here the location is ancient Egypt. The “bricks” that were in DX-Ball are blocks of Egyptian style constructions. You just launch a ball from a crossbow-like thing and it hits the blocks and you will be done when all of them are destroyed.

In the beginning, there will be relatively simple constructions. In the first stage, for example, you will usually find an arch and some stone blocks and a few stone tubs with trees in it. And there will be your ball and bow too. Just click and the ball will shoot towards the blocks.

The moment the ball touches a block, it will be pulverised. Keep breaking blocks and your score will increase accordingly.

There are, obviously, some power-ups.

There are fireballs, that will help you destroy more than one block at a time.

Balls can multiply with the help of a power-up. But collect that power-up too many times and you will find it difficult to manage all the balls!

Again, there are some that enables you to fire arrows. One type of arrow break one block at a time, and another destroys a number of adjacent ones simultaneously!

Another interesting power-up is the hammer. You can just smash your chosen blocks with it! It comes in handy, especially when the ball does not seem to go near the last remaining block!

The most interesting thing about power-ups in this game is, you get random power-ups every few minutes, even if you do not break any block. So, just keep tackling your ball and you will continue getting different power-ups to finish the game with.

By the way, the most important thing: keep bouncing the ball back with the crossbow-like thing. Otherwise, if you miss once, it is game over! You lose a life.

Now, as far as I can remember, DX-Ball was one of the most popular games around when it was first released. It still is. And Egyptian Ball is just as popular now.

And do not forget the amazing things you get to destroy!

So, grab your PC and go start breaking blocks! Here is the link.

It’s ancient Egypt time!