Redefine Fast Food This Summer


Summer has come about in full gear and preparations for it are in full swing. Here are a few snack hacks and tips that will make your life easier this scorching season and your kids will love it too!

  1. Instant cold drinks: The thing that is most in demand over the summer is a cold beverage or water. You can easily create icy cold drinks in a bottle that you can sip while running your errands or just watching TV. Fill a bottle of water halfway through and freeze it. Then when you want a bottle of icy cold water, just fill the iced bottle with water and it will instantly chill down and be ready to be sipped.
  2. Juice/soda ice cubes: Ever put ice in your juice or soda and have it turn watery from the melted ice cubes in just a few short minutes? Try filling up your ice tray with fruit juice or a soft drink of your choice. Now when you serve the drinks, pop the juice/soft drink cube instead of the usual ice cubes. Your drink will not turn into a tasteless, watery drink anymore.
  3. Honey glazed banana: The list of summer fruits we get in this country is endless. The easiest way to get your children have a healthy snack is by incorporating fruits in their diets as much as possible.

    Cut a large banana into slices. Put two teaspoons of honey in a bowl and a dash of cinnamon powder or a cinnamon stick. Heat a pan and put the banana slices and the mixture of honey into the pan when it heats up. Flip the banana slices after browning a little on each side. Healthy recipe that literally takes five minutes and your kids are going to love the crunchy bananas!

  4. Mess free mango slices: You know when you cut mango slices for your kids and the juice runs from your hands to elbows? It doesn’t have to be that messy anymore, which also means less cleaning time! How?

    Cut both sides of a mango. Now take one side of the and make horizontal cuts and then vertical so that it looks like a chess board. Now gently push back the peel from the middle. The cube like pieces of mango will slowly jut out without you having to even touch it. Now take a spoon and scrape the pieces off into a bowl or just eat from the peel.

  5. Fruit-fly situations: Summer fruits mean nasty fruit-flies. But there is an easy way to avert these bugs away from your fruits. In a small container, put one slice of banana and a small piece of mango peel and cover it up with a cling wrap or a polythene bag and secure it with a rubber band. Poke a small hole, a little bigger than the fruit flies into the wrap and set it aside and away from your fruit bowl. The fruit flies will attack the container instead of the fruits. Later clean it out.
  6. Fruit bowls: The easiest way to serve your fruit salad this summer is in a fruit. Empty out a big watermelon or a pineapple of its juicy insides. Dice fruits of your choice and make a salad the way you like it. Now, instead of a dish or bowl, serve your fruit salad in the emptied out watermelon or pineapple bowl. You wouldn’t need to clean afterwards and your children are going to love it just by the looks of it, and if you have guests over too!