Run on the Railroad!


Exercise is very important to stay healthy and fit. Maybe that is why many people are being attracted to games like Temple Run!
Well, in that case, we have a game here that is perfect to spend time with your phone.
The Subway Surfers.

This game seems to have a tiny story in front of it, where a bunch of children, like you, sneaks into a railway station with spray cans and starts spraying paint on the trains. The inspector notices and gives chase. Jake starts running on the rail lines, with the inspector and his dog on his tail.

The main task in this game is to collect gold coins during the run.

But, of course, you need to be careful not to collide with obstacles. Otherwise, the game will end.

There are a number of scenarios, how this may happen. Trains are always coming, so you have the risk running into a train headfirst at any time. There are also barricades on the rail lines, which you have to jump over or slide under. Some rail lines, at times, become a dead end, with a wall at the end. Platforms of different heights are also seen — the chasing inspector will catch you if you trip twice. Also, take care not to bump into the compartments on either side of the line you are running on.

There are occasional power-ups, too.

Super Sneakers let you jump high in the air, so that you can jump over approaching trains.
Power Jumpers let you jump even higher and collect the coins (and, usually, another power-up) floating in the sky.
Jetpacks are also there to take you over the trains and roofs and help travel a great distance in a few seconds.
Coin Magnets attract coins; so when there are three lines of coins on the road, you get all of them!
Hoverboards are like additional lives; if you collide while one is activated, you do not loose life.

Besides these, there are also Score Boosters, Mega Headstarts, 2x Multipliers, et cetera. You can easily buy these by spending some coins.

Do not think that it will be boring to run all the time like this. Different locations have been added so that the game does not get monotonous.

Also, there are a lot of characters to run as. You can unlock them as you advance through the game. For some of the interesting characters, though, you will have to spend coins to unlock.

Plus, there are missions to complete, which will get you special rewards!

So, have fun, then!

You can download the app from here.