Did you know that, simply comparing one thing with another can easily help in enriching your vocabulary skills?! Words and phrases that are used to compare this way are known as – Similes. “Like” and “as” are used to create such phrases.

Such comparison helps readers visualise your writing, rather than simply reading it.

For Example: Her cheeks are as pink as roses.

Here, the word “as” is helping a girl’s cheek-colour(pink) to be compared with roses. Hence, the readers can now imagine her cheeks more clearly.

The same sentence can be written by using similes in a different way as well.

Example: Her cheeks are pink like roses.

Here, we have simply used the word “like” to help us in describing/comparing the level of Pinkness with roses.


** A worksheet from this topic is given below. After you have finished going through the lesson download the worksheet.