Slipping Down a Rabbit Hole


Here was Alice, a sweet little girl, bored with her sister reading a book that had no picture, when she saw a rabbit.
It would not have grabbed her attention if it was an ordinary rabbit. But it was not just any rabbit, it was a white rabbit.
Now you may ask what is so exciting about a white rabbit. The thing is, the rabbit was in a waistcoat!
Of course, you may say that in some countries children may like to dress their pet rabbits in waistcoats. It would definitely look adorable, no question. However, this rabbit was not one of them. Alice saw this one taking out a watch out of its coat-pocket and say, 'Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!'
Now, children are curious by nature and Alice was more so. So, Alice followed the rabbit.
It was while following the rabbit in a waistcoat Alice, slid down a rabbit hole…
And reached another world!
And what an astounding world, it was!

Stuck alone in a room with a fifteen-inch door Alice thought she was in trouble. Desperate to get out she drank a potion that was labelled: 'DRINK ME'.
And then she shrank into a ten-inch human miniature!
Now she realised she had forgotten the door key on the table.
Noticing a small box under the table she opened it and found a cake inside labelled: 'EAT ME'.
And things changed again!
What happened then? On her queer and curious adventure Alice met a number of queerer and whimsical characters like the mad trio of the Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse. She also met the Cheshire Cat that only smiled, and the Red Queen.
What would Alice do in the middle of this madness as she gets more and more confused? How would she return home? Read Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and find out the answers.

Happy reading!