Wake up the Box!


Who does not like to draw? Here is a game that simply relies on your skill to draw. And 'to draw' here means just to draw lines. And 'skill' means almost nothing at all!

Wake up the Box is a game where you literally have to draw shapes, and voilà! — You are advancing!

This online game; means you have to play it online, on a website.

Its instructions are simple. There is a box — a sleepy box that you need to wake up. And to wake it up you have to draw different shapes and they will come to existence!

For example, there is one level where the Box is sleeping sitting on a fulcrum — on a horizontal wooden plank which is balanced on a vertical plank. So, the slightest movement can displace them and the Box can fall down.
What you have to do is to topple him and he will wake up!

Simple, right?
Very, very, very simple, in fact.

This is an online game, by the way. (That means, you need to be using the internet to play this, and you will play the game on a website.) You can play Wake up the Box here.

Now, then, need to wait any further? Just go open your computer and sit to play! Hope you enjoy it, which you definitely will!