Where the Wild Things Are | Maurice Sendak


Maurice Sendak portrays a usual scenario of anger between a mum and her mischievous son Max, in his award winning children’s picture book – Where the Wild Things Are.

The story begins with little Max playing pranks all around the house with his wolf-suit on. Eventually, his mother forces him to go to bed without supper. Though his mother intended to teach him a lesson, that didn’t seem to work much. Because Max was artistic enough to craft a new world in his bedroom which would take him miles and miles away from his strict parents. How? That I would love to leave to you and your child to read and ferret out!

This might be a very meaningful narration about a child’s relation with his/her family once read completely. However, it might not amuse your child much if they are not used to reading stories consisting of deep messages. But they are more likely to draw a strong connection between Max and themselves. The reason behind that is quite simple. Almost every child, at least once in a life time, has gone through the event of being locked up in their bedroom with a not-so-serious threat of “no supper tonight”. At least I have! Hence, the story might attract them from that perspective.

On the other hand if your kid is more into the pictures of a picture book, rather than the story, they may be badly disappointed. The pictures, though very clearly describing the story, are not that colourful. But all in all, it might turn out to be a very enjoyable story for you and your kid if read properly. Till then, happy reading!