Wights Remember the Future as well as the Past!


There was a carpet.

And Snibril was a Munrung.

He lived with the other Munrungs in the small village of theirs.

Munrungs were what you would call hunters. So, their primary task was to collect meat which was their food.
And, for the purpose of hunting, one day, Snibril and his older brother Glurk went wandering.

That was when their village was partially demolished because of some earthquake-like phenomenon!

And at that night, something mysterious attacked the unguarded villagers.

So, the next morning, at the advice of their Shaman Pismire, they started their migration. They started off to reach somewhere safe.

Um, all these were happening on that carpet, actually…

These were tiny people. The Carpet People! They lived in the dense jungle of the hairs of the Carpet. They lived in tribes scattered around the carpet; they lived in small villages; they lived in big cities; and they lived in Ware, the great capital city of the Dumii Empire!

Besides them, all over the Carpet, there also lived other creatures. Some human-like, many not. Some were mysterious, some highly dangerous.

Such was life on the Carpet.

So, the day after their village was attacked, the Munrungs started their journey, in search for a place safe from the mouls.

On that journey, they met various people and creatures and wandered over unique places.
They met the Deftmenes, small people who, enjoys fighting!
They met the Vortgorns, strange folk from the caves of bronze.
They met the Wights, stranger people still who remember everything – even the future!
And they met the Dumii, who are so accustomed to taking orders that they do not think much.

There were other mysteries they got to know and other ventures they had to undertake together…

But I cannot say more. That will spoil your fun of reading it all by yourself.

Terry Pratchett was a master storyteller. His Discworld stories aside, The Carpet People is probably the most popular of his books. And he started it when he was only seventeen!

So, join the Munrungs on their epic adventure. See what they are up against in the tiny flat world of theirs.

Will they survive? Will they be able to reach the great capital of Ware? What awaits them there in that colossal city?

And what will happen when the dreadful Fray strikes?

Read to know the rest of the tale and have a lovely time full of 138 pages worth of wonder!

Happy Reading!