Winter Cupboard Essentials


At this time of the year, do you think your cupboard is filled up with all the essential items of winter?  To keep yourself healthy during this time, one thing that you should not ignore is your nutrition. Furthermore, you should have the proper nutrition intake to keep yourself away from all the cold related diseases. So, first let's have a look at the items with which you can fill up your cupboard.



Honey is often referred to as 'the medicine of all diseases'.  The term has been established due to its effectiveness in treating cold related diseases, sore throat, cough etc. Honey contains natural minerals and vitamins which help prevent obesity by metabolising the undesirable cholesterol and fatty acid in our body. Nevertheless there is 82% sugar in honey which makes it a concern for the diabetic patient group. Having it in small amount in those group while maintaining regular exercise can solve the issue.

Fruits and Drinks

Fruits are as important in winter as in summer. While people are tricked to believe that dehydration is only a summer thing, it can still be a health risk in winter especially after activities that cause the loss of body fluids. So, people need to keep themselves hydrated after playing sports or after physical exercise. Fruits or Fruit juice can help your body fill the fluid and electrolytes. Therefore, it must be included in your cupboard. Orange, Pomegranate, Pomelo (Jambura) etc. are  some of the popular winter fruits of our country.

Dairy Products

You cupboard may be incomplete without having some high energy yielding dairy products in it. Powder milk, cheese, butter, mayonnaise etc. are some of the items that you can think of including in your cupboard. These are not season specific foods and can be a good nutrition provider in the summer too. The best thing about some of the dairy products is that these are known as quick foods which means you can easily prepare a meal with them at a very short time. 

Energy Boosters

Parents often find it difficult to give their children the proper nutrition they need for energy. Energy Boosters such as Horlicks, Bournvita,  Ovaltine etc. can be a solution in this case.  These products come with a range of flavours, such as- chocolate, vanilla etc. to suit to individual needs. Although these energy boosters offer refined minerals and vitamins, they can still be a healthy alternative for the children.

Grab some of these products next time you go grocery shopping. Stay Healthy!!!